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"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 




11. 2011

My Mom (Mrs.Choi) pitched a tent made of old blanket for her grand daughters hoping it might keep them warm at night.

Everyone in the family complained that it look like a street shelter.

But who knew? Two girls (3 and 11 years old) loved it so much they wouldn't come out of there. 

" We even sweat a little! "

We decided to make it our mission to keep everyone else warm. and started our business in 2012 to carry out this mission.

1th Generation "MOMMY ROOM" 10.2012

First generationof our canopy was born. We called it "MOMMY ROOM".

Which keeps the temperature 4~6 degree Celsiushigher than the room. Good to go for now ! 

2th Generation "GORGEOUS CANOPY" 09.2013


Now, we are talking! This is not a tent anymore, it's a " GORGEOUS CANOPY "


3th Generation "INNOVATION FOR BETTER LIFE" 10.2014

Third generation was born with humidity control.

"Innovation for Better life" awarded a grand prize for innovation that contributed to the well being of its residents.

Our promise: to provide solutions to cut down fossil fuel energy cost and smog problems.

Canopy for Cooler Summer "SUMMERNET" 05.2015

You don't need heat during summer but you do need protection from the blood suckers!

Introducing a canopy for cooler summer, which can be installed with same frame of other canopy products.


Black Out for 24 Hours "SLEEP24" 09.2016

We named it "SLEEP24" (meaning, you can sleep in complete darkness anytime of the day)

Perfect for vampires and others working night shift!


4th Generation "SLEEP8" 10.2016

The classic design inspired from the bedroom of   "Queen Isabella of Spain" in the 15th century.

Stay stylish throughout the day even when the warm tent is not being used.

No other explanation needed.

Working with "FOUR SEASONS HOTEL GROUP" 05.2017~


A good night sleep has always been a decisive factor in customer satisfaction in hotel business.

"BYMOM" canopies were introduced as family package so that a whole family can sleep better.

This opened up a whole new market for us!

Working with "CONRAD HOTEL GROUP" 03.2018~


General manager of Conrad Hotel was more careful than other hotels. He tried out canopies of different brands.

Where he found out kids spend more time in "BYMOM"s canopies - thus the contract!

Cooperate with "Five-Star HOTELs" around the World.

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